Monday, December 31, 2012

Peace Out 2012

To be honest with you, 2012 held a lot of difficult change, failures & just plain sadness.
It's been a difficult year that challenged my faith, marriage & confidence.
BUT I did a little recapping, & it has also held it's fair share of fabulous :)
Here's to a new year!
But first... here's to last year!

January- I did my first/only outfit post :) I picked this because my hair was super long & looks really pretty on this particular day. I've decided to grow it out again & Lord help me, it's going to be a process... Anyway these pictures give me motivation!

February- Oh my goodness gracious, I just love these peanut butter cookies. That's all :)

March- I shared another fabulous recipe. This is my go-to scone recipe & I've baked it over & over. YUM!

April- We took a roadtrip to Kansas to celebrate my great-grandad's 100th birthday!

May- Celebrated my baby bro's high school graduation! Way to go Travi ;) Also, I shared a highly embarrassing Cupcake Wars audition vid. You're welcome.

June- Oh June's a great month. I talked about my thoughts on diets & body image and waxed poetic about my baby turning one. Then I shared a bit about my pregnancy... which made me realize I haven't ever documents Lil's birth story on here & I would really like to. Sorry if you're not into that kind of thing :) But I would like to have it here, so look for that in 2013.

July- I came to the (obvious) conclusion that I, in fact, can't do it all & threw Lily a fabulous circus birthday party.

August- Lily walked!

September- We got a couch!  Also, I shared one of my favorite posts about Beauty.

October- I became friends with fall... and made amazing pumpkin molasses cookies. Oh yeah, and Bow+Arrow Art made it's debut!

November- Some friends & I started Together in the Kitchen (a new recipe link party). I attended my first local blogger meetup!

December- Made a chalkboard fireplace that I LOVE, took a much needed & lovely over-night trip with my hubby, won a giveaway AND hosted my own little sparkle party!



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