Monday, December 3, 2012

Chalkboard Mantle!

It's beginning to look a lot like... um, May.
65 degrees and sunshine in December = AMAZING in my opinion.
However, it is a little harder to get in the Christmas spirit.
That is unless you have a crackling fire to hang your stockings by.

Christmas Chalkboard Mantle www.bowandarrowart.com2

(It crackles because it's made of paper. Get it?)
I'm on a roll tonight.
Anyhoo, I originally thought I would make a DIY post out of this...
That turned out exactly like every other DIY post I've attempted:

  1. Take a hurried & awful picture of my project supplies 
  2. Turn on a movie & started crafting away
  3. Stop for a hot chocolate break half-way & remember to take another horrible picture
  4. Remember that it's 11 pm & I couldn't take a decent picture in my dark apartment if my life depended on it. 
  5. Say F it. After shots will have to do :)  
Honestly. Every single time.

Christmas Chalkboard Mantle

So instead let me just tell you this is my kind of project: cheap, fast, easy. 
I painted som posterboard with chalk paint, drew my masterpiece & duct taped it to the wall.
What? You thought it would be fancier?
If time, money & attention span were not factors I suppose I would have made the chalkboard from plywood & mounted it to the wall or at least attached a hanging device.
If you prefer quality to quickness, please be my guest to do this project the proper way.
Then write a killer DIY post and I will help you spread the word about your greatness.
As for me & my house: we will jimmy rig our crafts all the live long day.

ps there's a part two to this fabulous project post!
Grab the cutest little helper you can find for this part :)
Cut a ton of tiny circles from you overflowing basket of felt scraps.
Hot glue those babies to some twine (or bakers twine or ribbon or... shoe string?) or whatever you can find really.
Hand it over your brand new mantle.

Christmas Chalkboard Mantle

Now put on your 98 Degrees Christmas CD & get merry! 


  1. so darn cute! I love it and think it's the perfect thing for apartment/rental life when you need a fireplace for the stockings!

  2. I LOVE this, you clever girl! I have always wished for a fireplace in this house. We have a fireplace DVD we put in at this time of year...heehee.

  3. This is adorably adorable! I have a fireplace but it doesn't burn (something about a flu situation?). I would love to do this!
    Kate at

  4. That's adorable and I might need to copy you! This is our first time without a fireplace at Christmas and it makes me quite sad. What a great idea though.

  5. I need to do this because my house doesn't have a fireplace! (one of the saddest things ever)

  6. p.s. after shots of a project are fine. :)



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