Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Mama Survival Kit

new mama survival kit

I wanted to share a fun gift idea for any mama's to be in your life.
This makes a super fun shower gift that's totally mama focused, because Lord knows things can get a little crazy when those sweet bundles show up and mom's have a tendency to forget the basics for themselves.
Plus you could personalize this a million different ways and it's so encouraging!


These are the notes I attached:

Tide to go: Life is messy. Babies are super messy.
Lifesavers: To save you from one of those days.
Slippers (or comfy socks): To remind you to take time for you
Chocolate granola bars: Don't forget to refuel... and eat lots of chocolate :) 
To go mug: So you'll never have to be without your coffee.
Instant coffee: Emergency caffeine fix.
Hair bands: To remind you to stay flexible.
Notepad: Just in case you have a hard time remembering, well... everything! Lists are a wonderful thing :)


Advil: For when all else fails.
Almond Joy: Because sometimes you'll feel like a nut... & that's totally ok! 
Eraser: Because everyone makes mistakes. 
Tissues: To wipe away your tears & babies too. 
Starburst: For a burst of energy!
Sour Patch Kids: Sometimes they're sour, but they're always sweet. 
Mirror: Because you're important too. 

I also included some facewash wipes because it's a great thing to have for the hospital and this really awesome baby journal I found at Target (that I totally wish I had, you know for tracking poops and feedings and all the fun stuff).

new mama survival kit2

Have you ever done any other gifts "kits"?
I know it might be kind of cheesy, but I love them!
Let me know if you have any other ideas :)

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  1. Great idea! I'm putting together a breast feeding survival kit for my sister and I think I'm going to add some of the things you put in this kit!

    1. Such a great idea! I love how customizable it is :)

  2. I loooooove this! What a GREAT idea. You should totally pin this for pinterest. It would get tons of hits. I am totally tagging this in my favorites so I don't forget. Also, love the breastfeeding survival kit mentioned above!

  3. Wow, this is a great idea, totally pinning and saving for when all my girlfriends decide they want to get married, have babies and catch up with me:)



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