Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Club #1

Source: via Rosalynn on Pinterest

Are you all ready to do this?
Bossy Pants was the book club winner (by a long shot) and I'm pumped!
Alyssa and I decided a month and half sounded like a good amount of time to read the book, mostly because who has time to read a book faster than that right now?
I mean, unless it's Hunger Games and you totally neglect your family for 12 hours and just devour the whole thing in one sitting... Wait, what?

Anyway, in the meantime, please link up about good books you've recently read.
I love finding new book suggestions! 

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I'm actually not doing a formal book review, but rather a nod to the series that has and always will hold my heart.
I'm a mega Harry Potter nerd.
I'm in love with everything about these books.
Also the movies.
I can not wait for Lily to get old enough to curl up and share some good old fashioned witchcraft and wizardry :)
If I were hosting a book club about a Harry Potter book, I don't even know if I would bake for you... crazy I know.
But I honestly think I might just serve Bertie Bott's every flavored jelly beans.
Unless I could figure out how to make some fabulous muffins apparate onto your plate from thin air.
Possibly I would have my pet owl serve your dinner.

Ok that's enough.
If you love HP then I hope you enjoyed that little stroll down memory lane.
If not, you're likely pretty weirded out, but that's ok.
Link up your book reviews, or your weird memories about magical books, no rules really :) 



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