Monday, May 21, 2012

We're Baaaaaaack!

So we're finally back from 9 days in Missouri with my fam. 
It was an awesome visit but it's always so good to be back :) 
I loved being unplugged for an entire week too!! 
Here are a few things we did last week... 
(PS- I can't take credit for ANY of these amazing pictures... They're all courtesy of Yellow Feather Photography. If you live in Denver you should call Beth for pictures. For sure.)

(Made a foot print stepping stone for my mom's garden for mother's day.) 

(Pretended to be a super cool family band.)

(Played washers and drank beer. Ah.. summer!) 

(Entertained the greatest baby in the world while my baby brother graduated.)

(Made cupcakes of course!)

(There he is. The graduate and the reason the whole trip happened. Isn't he handsome?!) 

It was a wonderful trip and now I'm excited to get back to Sugar Mama Bakeshop! 
I'll be baking & planning for the farmer's market for the next couple weeks. 
Happy Monday! 

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