Thursday, November 15, 2012

Together in the Kitchen {A new recipe link party!}

Hooray! It's finally here :)
I'm so excited about this link up you guys!
A of all I love working with talented ladies like miss Aimee, who seems to be awesome at everything I'm not awesome at (ie she designed all of the beautiful graphics & has been promoting like a champ!)
2 I love love making new friends, like lovely Amy, who is so fun and has a beautiful blog & shop!
And lastly I just really love baking & sharing recipes & hanging out with my rad fam.
Dude, I'm getting so worked up over here. That's a lot of love.

Together in the Kitchen: Sweet Lily Baby

Anyway, on to the point of this shin-dig.
Getting your family & friends in the kitchen with you!
I tried this out and it looks a littlie different than you might have expected.
What? Were you thinking matching aprons not glitter boots & a diaper?
Yeah, me too but the girls likes what she likes.
And she likes licking the spoon... and not wearing clothes.


Hunter prefers to contribute in the kitchen by occupying Lily so I can get my bake on :)
Still counts in my opinion.
Also, my heart melts into a puddle every single time I look at this picture.

So, how do you share the kitchen with your loved ones?
Don't think it has to look a certain way! I think whatever works for you & yours is beautiful.
Now link up those tasty creations.

meet the co-hosts & check out their recipes...

1: link up a recipe. any recipe. as many recipes as you want to share.. then add our button to the bottom of your post!!
2: visit at least the two links before you and either comment and/or pin their recipe to Pinterest
3: visit a few others, since this is all about sharing recipes!!
4. if you want to share our little get together, please tweet: “share a recipe with @evystree @bowandarrowart @byAimeeSki today at"
5. leave a comment below sharing a memory of spending time "together in the kitchen"
*we encourage you to subscribe by email to one {or all 3!} of our blog posts so you never miss a link up!


  1. so fun! pinned a few of those :) (and i definitely cook off my pinterest board all.the.time.)

  2. we spend so much time in the, eating, building with legos, really is the heart of our home!!



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