Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Shopping

I'm still not quite ready to join the rest of the world on the "it's the most wonderful time of the year" train.
I mean it just got cold.
And I'm still really excited about pumpkin baking & Thanksgiving dinner next week.
Buuuuut... that doesn't mean I haven't done any thinking about Christmas gifts.

For Milo: Fancy bow-tie from Little Blue Feathers of course!

I mean, I can't think of a single reason not to have that.
Oh except for Milo hates when we dress him up...
Well, Milo the pug has a good life: Free rent, free food, naps all day & infinity hugs from Lily Belle.
He can wear a bow-tie for our enjoyment.

For Lily: A custom flapper baby doll a la Aubrey Plays.

I've been loving these sweet dolls for a long time & I think Christmas is the perfect time to splurge.
You send in a favorite outfit your babe has outgrown & she makes you a custom doll.
Precious! And don't worry if you have a boy there are "little dudes" too ;)

And for moi: Cutie turban ear warmer by Salt City Designs.

Now that my hair is super short, I can't really wear a warm hat without looking like a boy (aka exactly like all 3 of my brothers).
In related news, now that my hair is super short my ears get really really cold without a hat!
Enter this knit (crochet?) beauty.
Warm, stylin' & girly :)

Where are you shopping this year?
Don't forget to check out Handmade with a Purpose for wonderful gifts that give back.

(Once again I'm partying in Erika & Beth for Friday Faves & Finds.)



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