Friday, July 6, 2012

Fiesta Friday {Lily's 1st Birthday Circus Bash}

Circus Birthday:

Lily's birthday party was a huge success!
We had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl with fun friends and family :)
My wonderful mama made these perfect invites:

cute invite

Oh & the fabulous pinwheels!

Pinwheel cupcakes:

We had to have a photo gallery and the clothes line was perfecto!

Photo gallery:

The circus theme was super fun and would be complete without peanuts and popcorn :)


Party sign:

Gluten free & vegan animal cookies? Yes please!


The photo booth was a huge hit!
So easy to set up with a streamer backdrop and Michael's $$ section masks.
I also found the darling circus notecards at Michael's and had the guests write notes to Lily.

Photo booth:

In the spirit of full-disclosure, all of my ideas weren't quite as precious as I was imagining :)
My genius transform-the-pop-up-tent-into-a-circus-tent-with-streamers-and-tape idea was pretty much a big fat fail. haha!


But back to the photo booth.
Opposite of fail!!







The 3 layer strawberry/chocolate circus tent cake was much appreciated!!
She dove right in without hesitation.
The girl does love food!


She also loved her presents.
We all melted when she snuggled up to her new stuffed animal.


Digging right into the musical instruments.


Not quite sure about the super hero cape from Zach... but mom and dad are huge fans!
It just doesn't get much cuter than that.


So there you have it.
Circus party success in my book.
Over and over I heard "she's so little, she'll never even remember".
But you know what?
We had a BLAST throwing this party & she had a super fun day!
I'm a huge believer in celebrating loved ones... especially on birthdays.
She has lots of fun pictures, special notes stories to hear about her first birthday party someday.
It's 100% worth it in my book!


  1. Um excuse me! respect me eating healthy diet by not posting those delishes food pictures! hahah. Love the little party. Such cute decorations.


  2. Ashley this was PERFECT! What an adorable theme. You did an awesome job!!



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