Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday (PS we got a COUCH!!!!)

So we're all moved and in the process of settling. Hurray!
It's so good to be back in our own little humble space :)
It's so SO good to have our own room again!
It's the BEST to have a couch! We actually haven't ever owned a real couch. Ever.

(Cute right?!)

Here's the story: 
When Hunter and I first got married we were dirt poor. Like I had no job, he had this junk job and we just packed up our stuff and moved into an apartment in Denver. Livin' on love is where it's at ;)
We had NO furniture but Hunter's parents offered to let us borrow his twin bed from when he was a kid. 
So we piled it high with pillows and snuggled on it to watch free local channels on our hand-me-down ancient "Trinitron" tv. 
It really coordinated nicely with the white plastic patio furniture that we covered with a gifted tablecloth and called a dinner table ;)
Then we moved to another apartment and moved on up to a loaner couch from a couple of our good friends. (And by loaner I mean it was really worn out and when we were ready to give it back they told us to have Goodwill pick it up.) 
But now we have an actual pretty couch! 

(My high-tech measuring devices)

So we decided when we moved into our fancy new apartment we would invest in a decent couch that had not been previously loved. 
I was even creating this clever post in my scribble journal about how I hadn't purchased a new piece of furniture since that inflatable purple chaise lounge from Claire's in 7th grade... 
Well, that was a true story and I guess the streak is still alive, because we searched high and low and could not find a couch I even halfway liked that was anywhere NEAR our teensy budget. 
So I turned to my trusty old craigslist and there she was. 
Only one month old and just as cute as can be.
So I squealed and rushed over to make Hunter agree that we HAD to have this one... I mean ask his opinion? 
Anyway, then I went to grab the tape measure to make sure it fit... Only, where in the world had I left it?! 
Well, I got a little creative. 
Yes sir, the couch will fit very nicely according to my baker's twin and washi tape measurements. (I used the long end of an 8.5x11in paper by the way to measure the feet. I just added an "inch" each time!) haha 
I'm very very lucky they were accurate enough that the thing actually fit in our Pathfinder or I might have been in BIG trouble!

it fits!

So there you have it, a couch saga indeed.
But one with a very happy ending.
Now I just need some color on that wall and some fun throw pillows!
The couch was cheap, so I get to spend a little extra on decorations right? Hunter?


All that to say, I'm quite thankful for my new couch. And I'm linking up with Carina so I can tell the world about it.



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