Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lately {nature edition}

This summer has been hot & dryyyyyyy in Colorado.
So when we finally got a "monsoon" earlier this week (aka a couple inches of lovely rain)
It was wonderful!!


So I got excited and took some pictures :)
Then I grabbed Lily and we danced in the rain.


I love how rich and saturated the colors are.
I also love how many tomatoes are popping up after the monsoon!


In other exciting news, Lily Belle is using her sign language!
We had all but given up after months of trying with no response.
But after talking to a friend who works in child development we gave it another go and wouldn't you know...
The girl's as brilliant as she is gorgeous ;)


It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures but she is signing for "more" eggs!
She has also quickly learned that she can have anything she wants if she signs for "more" of it.


Now more nature shots.
Hunter and I were standing in the front yard chatting when we realized this little guy right next to us in the bushes.
He barely even moved and didn't seem to mind us being close enough to reach out and touch.

little birdy

The pups have been feeling extra snuggly.
Aren't they just precious?

550 Milo & Amos

Finally,  a sneak peek of the baby shower I helped throw one of my besties last Sunday!
She is decorating Henry's room in bowties (which I looooooove) so her sis and I took the theme and ran with it.
I'll post more pictures Friday, but here's a preview of the cake.


What's going on with you lately?

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