Friday, July 13, 2012

Fiesta Friday {Bowtie Baby Shower}

Last Sunday I hosted a baby shower for one of my very best friends in the whole world.
Her little Henry is due in August and it was so so fun to celebrate them both!
Bekah's (mama of honor) sister is also wonderful. I really got to know her through planning this shin dig and she is fun, wonderful and super sweet.
Henry's nursery is decked out in bowties so Rachel and I ran with the theme :)

Sugar Mama Bakeshop bowtie baby shower

The (decaf) mocha cake was a big hit!
It was my first ruffle cake and I think it turned out cute...
A little droopy but no one complained :)

bowtie baby shower cake

Rachel made the darling napkin/fork bowties.
Such a fun addition!

bowtie napkins

One of my favorite parts was the diaper raffle.
When I went to register with Bekah the Babies R Us employee gave us this great idea.
Ask everyone on the invite to bring a pack of diapers & have their name added to a raffle for a great prize.
A lucky lady goes home with a fab prize & the parents-to-be get a stocked up!

Baby shower diaper raffle.

We had a bowtie craft station where guests could make bowties for special room decorations.


Shortbread cookie party favors.

bowtie shortbread cookies

And bowtie pasta salad of course.
I'll even let you in on the "recipe" because I think you're so cool.

pasta salad: Sugar Mama Bakeshop

Fab Pasta Salad:

-Cooked & cooled bowtie pasta (or any gluten free pasta)
-Chopped green peppers, red onions & spinach
-Grape tomatoes cut in half
-Shredded soy or mozzarella cheese
-Balsamic dressing

Toss it all together and enjoy the compliments. Make sure you tell everyone how difficult it was ;)

Happy Friday friends!
Enjoy yourselves!

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