Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby girl is TWO

Two whole years it's been since this sweet babe exploded our world.   

730 days of joy and wonder. 

I never knew thankful until I was blessed with the sweetest gift of Lily Belle. 
I guess I never really knew stress, inadequacy or tired either. 
Definitely a fair trade :) 

To my 2-years-old "big girl"on your 2nd birthday: 

Life with you is packed with joy and wonder. 
You've taught me to literally stop and smell the roses. 
And tulips and the dandelions and the grass.
 Life is slower with you and I love it.

Somedays I wish with all my heart that time would just freeze so that I could keep you like this forever. 
But then I realize how excited I am to see you continue to grow and learn too. 

You're at this magical stage where you pick up new things every single day. 
New words and mannerisms and games. 
It's an incredible gift to watch you develop.

I pray that as you grow you continue to know just how cherished you are. 
That you will keep your sense of wonder and awe. 
& that you will never tire of learning and creating. 

I also pray that you never grow out of kissing your daddy and snuggling with your mama :) 

You're the best thing that ever happened to us, Lil! 
Happy happy HAPPY Birthday love! 

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