Monday, July 1, 2013

2013:HEALTHY (halfway check in)

Remember way back when it was the beginning of a new year & I was ready for a fresh start & I proclaimed 2013 to he the year of HEALTH?

Well apparently it's been 6 whole months since then so I thought I'd revisit the theme.

January started off with a workout bang that lasted through most if February even.  Then life got busy (like it does) and then I ran out of West Wing episodes to watch during my late night work outs... & so on & so forth. 

But lately I've been running! (We're talking 2ish miles tops so don't be too impressed.) (But we're also talking wake up and go on a run before work so do be a little impressed.) 

Anyway I feel good. I'm also committing to eating as many whole foods as possible this month. Aka no preservatives or refined sugar or highly processed foods. If you have any favorite juicing recipes I would love them! 

How are you being HEALTHY this July?

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