Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cinco Anos Con Mi Amor!

(And by Anos I obviously mean with the squiggle above the (n) but who knows how to add that to the title of a blog post?!)
That's not the point anyway.
The point is that almost FIVE YEARS ago I boarded a plane with this stud, headed to Mexico to celebrate our brand new marriage.

^These are our randomly *upgraded* to first class plane tickets. Just in case it wasn't the best day ever already.

(Can we just take a moment of silence for those legs? My apologies Hunter John but these aren't exactly the same legs you're taking to Mexico this year... I did, however, carry your darling child so ya win some, ya lose some I guess.)

Anyway, we're back to Puerta Vallarta to celebrate Hunter being done with school and surviving (nearly) 5 years of marriage!!

I'm praying for a view like this again. 
My fabulous mama is coming to stay with Lil, so while I'm sure we'll miss her sweet face for 5 days... We'll know she's in the best of hands and we'll be sleeping in, chugging sipping margs and soaking up the sun all day long. 
Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder right? ;) 

Have a fabulous week amigos!
I'm sorry to say it but I might not be missing you.

(Let's just hope I get serenaded by a bare-chested "Elvis" impersonator at the resort talent show... again. )



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