Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Banana Split Cupcakes? Yes please!

Inspiration hit hard last Sunday! I was daydreaming about the holiday Monday I was about to enjoy NOT being at work. Naturally I needed a new recipe to try out as a celebration :)

And that's when I came across Bakers Royale and her Banana Split Cupcakes! They look so fabulous and festive and I just couldn't resist.

I'm excited to report that my gluten free & vegan version turned out wonderfully! These babies have are a moist vanilla/banana cupcake filled with banana cream custard (my favorite part), topped with vanilla buttercream dipped in dark chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles, AND crowned with a little more frosting w/ a cherry on top of course. Whoa! Total overload but totally worth it.

So call me when you're ready to celebrate (and you're not counting calories) and I'll whip you up a batch! I think this (finally) summery weather is a perfectly acceptable excuse to celebrate by the way... But these remind me of a birthday party too :)

PS- These babies were approved/devoured by my highly qualified "testers"... None of whom have any gluten or dairy problems. They declared them "delicious" and "amazing" and all but demanded more. So don't think you have to have allergies to enjoy the Sugar Mama goodness!


  1. These look gorgeous! I'm so excited that you came up with a GF version!

  2. These are so cute!!! Great for a birthday party!!



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