Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday yo.

Hey, there. I'm going to let ya in on a big ol' secret.
I hate Black Friday.
No wait, it's not a secret at all.
I just hate it. It is so stressful!
I mean people seriously die. About electronics, ya know? So so sad.
Anyway, I like it alright if I can do it from the safety of my home & the warmth of my covers... at a normal human time.
None of this 3 am.
What is wrong with you people?
Ok, all I'm trying to say is this Friday (11/23) and all weekend through Cyber Monday (11/26) I'm giving you a free card for every $10 you spend.

Go ahead, spend $100. I'll send you TEN free cards with you order.
You're welcome.
Also thank you. $100 is a lot of cards, friend.
All you need to do is leave me a note with your order & tell me the card your heart desires!


Also I finally have Christmas cards.
I mean, Christmas card. Just one.
It's all I could manage. But at least it's cute right? :)
And it's a bundle deal! 4 cards for $12 which, technically speaking is a 25% discount.

Well, alright.
There's my exciting news for your Monday morning.
I'm thankful for all ya'll & I'm thankful for internet shopping.
Happy Shopping!



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