Monday, July 9, 2012

It's official!

Sugar Mama does weddings!!
Let me tell you what... it was nerve racking!
I was so excited but then at the last minute I kind of freaked out.
I mean it is such a big big day I got to play a part in.


But then I got into the rhythm and started busting out cupcakes :)
Eventually, this is what happened:


Pretty great right?!
She wanted antique buttons incorporated into the cupcake decor so I used a candy mold to make little wedding mint (or chocolate) buttons.

Amber's Wedding: Sugar Mama Bakeshop

She made all of the awesome wrappers for the cupcakes!
I thought the sweet engagement picture was a really cute touch too :)

Thank you Amber for letting Sugar Mama Bakeshop be a part of your beautiful day!

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