Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thankful Wednesday

Yeah I know it's not as fun to say as Thankful Thursday, but I couldn't wait :)
This week I am bursting with thanks for this GORGEOUS 70 degree weather!
Baby girl seems to have forgotten how to sleep... which is a huge bummer,
but then I go outside in a t-shirt and rolled up jeans and the sun is shining and no amount of (lack of) sleep seems to matter anymore.
I'm also way thankful for these sunglasses.
And see Elmo way down in the bottom of the picture?
Well he lights up and sings songs and *barks* over and over and over and over....
And I'm thankful for him too because he makes Lily laugh and I can't think of anything I've ever been more thankful for than her sweet giggle.

(My favorite part of this picture is that it looks like she's really rockin' the glasses but really I just distracted her with Elmo for about 15 seconds so I could get the picture before she ripped them off and started eating them.)

I'm thankful for bath time skype dates with my dad and 2 of my bros.
So fun!
I'm thankful for some crazy awesome & exciting Sugar Mama plans that are in the works.
I've been daydreaming about the farmer's market all week...
and by daydreaming I mean pinning wonderful extravagant booth displays.
If anyone has an antique pickup I can borrow... PLEASE call me?

Or the coolest TOY BAKERY set up EVER?
Yep those are felt baked goods that the mom made and put in the display case the dad build.
I just hope those kids know how lucky they are :)

(You can see the whole board if you really want to.)
Also have you heard of a cool website called Dabble?
Well, it's filled with $20 classes and it's perfect for those of us who can't ever make up our mind and want to try a little of everything!
So far I'm signed up for a small biz class, intro to photography, acting 101...
Just kidding. Kind of.
I'm not signed up yet, but I really do want to take the first 2.
I just want to sit in on the acting class so I can meet the teacher... who was on the Sing Off last season!
Um, you know how I feel about the Sing Off right?
Anyway. Sugar Mama Bakeshop will be offering a gluten free & vegan cupcake class SOON!
You get to bake & decorate your own cupcakes and go home with a dozen!
Plus I'm working on sweet little aprons for class participants :)

Finally, I'm thankful for some exciting news Hunter got about an internship yesterday!!
It's still in the works but very encouraging.
I'm incredibly proud of him for working AND going back to school so that he can make a living doing something he is passionate about.
What an amazing example for our daughter!
Aaaaaaaand that is all.
Nap time is halfway over and I still have to make muffins and take a shower!


  1. great things to be thankful for! your daughter is adorable ;-)

  2. Ahh I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY. lol :) You have a wonderful post with SO much to be thankful for. You are so blessed :)
    What kind of muffins are you making? YUM :)
    Congrats to Hunter for the internship - how amazing!
    I love your skype time baths - that's adorable
    Hope the little one remembers how to sleep ;)

  3. so excited for sunny, nice weather! flip flops make everything better. hope you find your vintage truck. :)

  4. That is the CUTEST toy bake shop ever! love it...want it! (for me of course, not the kids) :)

    1. ha! It's so true :) Lily Belle won't be big enough to enjoy it for at LEAST another year... but me. I could love it right this second!!



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