Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun Announcement!!

Happy Friday!! How is February treating you all?
I'm honestly dazed & confused about how wintery it's been. 
I mean it's TEXAS! I severely misjudged...
Anyway there's been a lot of fire building and all day snuggling + movie watching.

There had also been a revival of the elephant Halloween costume which makes a very warm (VERY fashionable) coat!

Ok so the announcement... duh duh DUH!!!
I got accepted to the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin TX March 13-14-15!
I really had my heart prepared for a gentle let-down email. 
But I'm doing it!!!

And I'm really nervous! 
I'll be sharing a booth with Regina Waters and her fabulous jewelry.
So if you live anywhere near Austin plan on coming to see me!!
In the meantime I'll be working my behind off drawing, printing and planning a killer booth set up.

Any advice/ideas/suggestions?
I'm all ears!!



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