Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Printable "Go Fish" Game for Toddlers

It had been cold + cloudy + icy for too long!
We were going seriously stir crazy and my best attempts at intentional parenting seemed to be falling flat.
It's HARD to keep an energetic 2-year-old happy + stimulated when you're trapped inside all the live long day! 

So I made this fishing game.
It took about 3 minutes to assemble and it has been given 2 thumbs up by my very favorite toddler!
The silly fishes crack her up + she can't wait to see what's on the other end of her fishing pole... EVERY time.
It's my first winter in Texas, but it's 75 degrees today and from what I hear spring should be sticking around pretty soon. 
I know that is not that case for a lot of other moms out there, so I thought I would make a printable version of the game so you can play with your kids too! 

To make you're own go fish games you'll need:

  • Print your artwork + cut out the fishies... Older kiddos may even help with this step too!
  • Embellish if you wish. Spray paint the stick, glitter up that clothespin. Laminate the fish. **All optional but super fun!**
  • Tie the string to the stick + the clothespin. Easy peasy.
  • Now hide behind the table so your toddler can "go fishing" + discuss the colors of the fishies they catch!

We really have been having so much fun + it has helped me to slow down and focus my attention on her.
The silly fish crack her up and sometimes she makes up her own rules or a totally different game!
Have fun and if you have any pictures of you + your little one "fishing" please tag them #beintentional? 
I would love to see!!

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