Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Bow+Arrow Options!

Happy Saturday!
I had blueberry/almond pancakes for breakfast + an iced mocha for an afternoon snack + it's game night tonight with some of my very very favorite people.
I hope yours is a good one too :)
I just wanted to pop in to share some new options in the Bow+Arrow etsy shop.
First off you can now get THREE 8x10 prints for $40!
They're $15 each folks, so that's a deal.

Also, you can now choose to get any print in the shop as a 5x7 for only $9.
Hooray for tiny prints!
But why get one 5x7 when you can get THREE 5x7s for only $25?
Perfect little gifts :)

There you have it.
Big thanks to my girl, Carina, for the fabulous graphics!
We've both got new prints coming soon so stay tuned. 



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