Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We've been eating almond flour muffins and coconut scones.
Good stuff :)
The girl's never looked so much like her mama as she does right there.
This healthy baking kick has produced some really fabulous healthy/tasty treats.
It feels good to step away from sugar but still get to have fun yummies.

I've been drawing.
New prints (that I'm super excited to share soon)!
But also fun custom stuff for lovely friends.
I really really really liked how these baby shower invites turned out!

Lil's just been doing what everyone of us wishes we could.
You know, diving into the peanut butter jar with reckless abandon.
You might be asking yourself why on Earth we just sat around and let this happen?
1) Girlfriend's been copping an attitude about eating lately & she needs the cals.
2) She's darling.
3) Hunter & I were busy eating pancakes, drinking coffee & enjoying the show :)

And we've been shoe shopping.
These lovelies were a whopping $4.99 on clearance at Target & she can't get enough of them.
They seem schmancy, I know, but you should see how they come together with striped socks, a tutu and a polka dot sweater.
We're high fashion up in here.

My heart is happy & full these days.
I am beyond thankful for all of these little moments that make up life as we currently know it.
If I'm absent around here it's because I have a very intense desire lately to just slow down & be.
Not to write or share or improve.
Just to enjoy every drop.
I know the season will come again when I'll overflow with things to talk about & stories to record.
But now is the season for reading Goodnight Moon 30 times a day, finger painting and playing with baby dolls.
It's the season for shutting out the noise and listening.
It's nice & I'm praying it last for awhile.

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