Thursday, December 6, 2012

Together in the Kitchen #3 (Christmas baking with my Lily love)

Lily & I baked cookies this week!
I'm not trying to be a cheeseball but it gave me an incredible amount of joy :)
I LOVE sharing the kitchen with her.

bow arrow: together in the kitchen

Ha! What a total dork.
Also, welcome to my life- where making cookies is always a priority over cleaning off the dining room table.

Bow Arrow Art: Together in the Kitchen

She couldn't get enough of helping me mix & pour.
I was in such a great mood I totally gave her free reign too.
Which resulted in a huge floury mess and one very happy baby.
Totally worth the clean up!

bow arrow: together in the kitchen

ps: She's definitely her mama's child.
Tasting the cookie dough =  the best part!
pps: The fabulous new recipe for grain free, refined sugar free, peppermint shortbread cookies we spent hours on?
They were kind of sick.
But I'm not sad.
I guess we'll just have to give it another go :)

What is your favorite cookie to indulge during these holiday months? Leave a comment below and of course, if you can - share the link!!

Oops. Sorry I yelled at you, I just love them so much.
Hearty oatmeal cookies, ooey-gooey dark chocolate cookies, classic peanut butter cookies, spicy pumpkin cookies, and so on & so forth.
Matter of fact, I don't think it's fair to require a favorite.
So, there you have it. I love them all. How about you? :)

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