Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fancy Clothes

I think by now it's pretty obvious this is not a fashion blog.
I admire people who look great all the time, but it wears me out trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends.
We try to buy a majority of our clothes second hand because:
  • 1.) We can't seem to stomach the price tag on designer clothes.
  • 2.) It's fun to be creative with what you can find at a thrift shop.
  • 3.) It seems like a more responsible use of funds. (You know what? Just read Erika's post about this topic. She pretty much nailed it.)

All that being said, I'm in love with these get-ups I found on pinterest this week.
My work Christmas party is a fairly formal affair and I would love to rock a dress like this pretty white and gold one.
Also I would love for my legs to look like that in said dress, but that's neither here nor there.

As for this one... mm, mm, mmmmm is all I can say.
Hunter would make a fine arm candy in this ;)
Seriously though, he would look good. I might even pay full price.

And this is just the most darling thing I've seen in a long time.
The pin is actually for a pattern to make it...
But I can't really see that happening. Unless Gigi's reading this ;)
Isn't it just perfect?
So wait for out Christmas card.
We might just surprise you all with our hottness this year!
Or just purple tights and thrifted blazers... that sounds a bit more realistic.

(I'm linked up with Erika and Beth for Friday Finds and Favorites.)


  1. I absolutely love to thrift. Great outfit choices! Depending on where you go, you can totally throw together an amazing outfit with finds from thrift stores!

    I recently found a FANTASTIC coat from VV, no one would have guessed it was second hand ;-)

  2. Love love love that little girls dress. I am not sure I am talented enough as a sewer to make that one, but I may check out the pattern! haha. I hear you on the not being a fashion blog.. I am definitely not a fashion blogger either, in fact I am pretty sure I have never posted a what I wore post. But I am thinking about doing a thrift store challenge and starting to shop second hand before I buy anything that I feel like I need. We have little clothing money, so I basically don't buy clothes ever. Most cloths I have had for ages or someone gave them to me.

  3. I love that outfit Ryan Reynolds is in!!! I always try to get my husband to wear that kind of thing, but he says he's not "that guy." No, he's so much better than "that guy," and he's so precious to me! One day he'll get it. Maybe. Until then, it's t-shirts and jeans, I guess. :P

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