Friday, October 12, 2012

Easy Peasy (the quickest party recipe!)

Great news! is FINALLY a live and active URL.
I know, I know you've been losing sleep about it.
I'm excited though :)
I'm also excited about these genius little cookie treats I made the other day!

Easy crowd pleaser cookies.

I mean, if we're being honest, I'm not sure this even counts as a "recipe".
It's way too easy.
BUT they were a huge hit at the last BBQ I brought them too.
They were also a hit with my little cookie monster.

cookie monster

How funny is this picture?
I was focusing my camera for this shot and up creeps the cutest, chubby little fingers you've ever seen.
She's got great taste, that girl.

So the story behind these little treats is that Hunter volunteer me to bring dessert to a BBQ.
Which is awesome because I love making dessert.
Duh, you know that.
What you don't know is that he has developed a habit of vounteering me for dessert...
And then forgetting to tell me.
So morning before the partay Hunter's all like, "oh hey babe can you make some dessert for tonight?"
Me: "Sure. Baaaaabe." (insert possible eye roll, but who know?)
Moral of the story is: these rad cookies.


already make little sugar cookies, or gluten free ginger snaps, or grahams, whatever's on sale really.
fabulous vanilla frosting
sprinkles, of course!

Spread frosting between two cookies and roll in sprinkles. Voila!

easy peasy

Just don't forget to keep them out of reach of all the cute little robbers.
Or just share the wealth if you can't resist those eyes.
Happy fake baking!

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