Monday, October 15, 2012

Buy Handmade!

A couple months ago I made some amazing handmade jewelry purchases.
They arrived quickly and packaged to perfection.
I busted them both out and started rocking them immediately.
And then I decided I should share them with the rest of you.
So I tried really hard to take some decent pictures... the bad new is, I failed.
I just can't seem to take a semi-decent photo of myself. (Fashion bloggers, I applaud you.)
The good news is I'm sharing anyway because I want you to know about these lovey shops (and the beautiful women behind them!)

wifey singer
(Cutest earrings brought to you by Wifey Singer.)
See what I mean?
Cheesy grin + thumbs up = perfection... right?
You totally want to buy whatever I'm selling... right?!
Doesn't matter. Just check out Hannah's shop or her darling blog.
You'll probably get super excited and give dorky thumbs up too.
Or maybe you're way cooler than me.
In which case, thanks for taking the time from your way cool life to read my blog.

(Sweetest necklace by Lovely Little Whimsy.)

This one's a bit better, but mostly just because Lily's in it and she's quite comfortable with the camera.
Try not to be too distracted by that sweet mug (or the scrap fabric I like to call a headband on particularly rough hairdays).
Focus on the cute little copper necklace.
That, my friends is more than just a really cute necklace.
It's one step closer to a new baby for Carina's family!!
You can read all about their adoption on her blog or you can buy beautiful accessories in her shop.
I choose both, but it's totally your call.

So there you have it.
Two more reasons to buy handmade and two more reasons why I take pictures of baked goods instead myself in great outfits.

(I'm linking with Erika today. Becuase she's great too!)



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