Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bow+Arrow Inspiration (happy happy day)

Last week I started a new series sharing the inspiration behind my designs.
I'm always nervous about starting series because I feel like I'm setting my self up for failure...
So I didn't really set any specific expectations this time around.
Luckily, because in my head I was thinking I would post every Monday, and now it's Tuesday and I'm finding some time to finish :)
Good thing you weren't expecting it huh?

Happy Birthday Cupcake Card (500)

Anyway, this is one of my favorite cards!
#1 I just LOVE birthdays. I think it's so great that everyone gets a whole day to themselves to just be celebrated.
#2 This card doesn't have to be just for birthdays either... I mean any day that's filled with bright colored cupcakes is a happy happy day to me. I think this is a fun one to brighten someone's day with out of the blue too :)
#3 Cupcakes. I love them. I love to bake them, decorate them, eat them AND draw them. Bet you didn't know about that last one. I'm like a 2nd grader doodling cupcakes all over my notes at church... Or maybe that was just the 2nd grade ME. Either way, it's also the 27 year old me. Don't worry I'm still listening. I'm a hands-on learner and I can't process info just by hearing it. True story.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Card (500)

I also have a special place in my heart for this card because the first print was reserved for my brother's girlfriend, Beth.
She is the best ever. Seriously.
She is a fabulously talented photographer and runs her own business.
Also, she's really fun and makes my brother so happy.
I love her for that the most.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Card (500)

So there you have it.
Have a happy happy day & buy the card right here.
ps you can still use BUY3ONEFREE and get a free card!

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