Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Mom Mug

I tend to be a little extra emotional. I've accepted this. But tonight was a bit much... even for me.
In fact, I should probably be too embarrassed to share this story, but I guess I'm a little extra transparent too, so here it goes.

I broke my water bottle.
And it made me cry.

Not just a little either. It really hurt my heart.

It was the big ol' water jug they give you when you stay in the hospital, and I got it when Lily was born.

11.5 months ago.

The one with the crinkly straw that whistles and cracks Lily up.
The one that my brother named my "mom mug" when we were on a road trip :)
The one that kept me hydrated through 11 months of nursing a babe who wouldn't take a bottle. (Some days I thought it was difficult not being able to give her a bottle... Now I just miss it.)

To everyone who always tell me to "enjoy every second, it will be gone before you know it", I am enjoying it!
But it's still going way too fast.

So now what?

This post is sappy and pictureless... and maybe boring. Unless you're a mama too. Then I bet you get it.

Or maybe you don't.

Maybe I'm an emotional mess and I need to get my act together?
Either way I'm sad my baby is big.
And I'm happy she's so healthy and wonderful.
Oh it's so confusing being a mom!
Who wants to come over and eat mocha cupcakes and drink wine with me?
My husband would thank you.

I think he's confused by my outburst of tears over a dropped water bottle.
Also he might be afraid.
I may have suggested we needed another baby.

Oops ;)


  1. Aww... I can relate! I am so emotional and sentimental in general, but FOR SURE when it comes to my little girlies! They grow up too fast and it is hard!

    Sorry your "Mom Mug" broke! :(

    1. They sure do! It's so fun to watch her learning new things everyday too though so I guess I'll survive :)

  2. aww - I totally know what you mean! God just designed us mamas with a whole different set of emotions that I don't think our hubbies are ever filly capable of understanding :P Sorry to hear about your mug :(

    {Guess you really will have to have another baby to get a second one! :P}

    1. haha! So true! That's why I love that I can blog about it and so many other mamas get it :) I'm not sure I quite have Hunter talked into #2... yet... :)



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