Sunday, January 15, 2012

February 14th

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
Is it sweet & fun?
Or just commercialism at its finest?

I find myself right in the middle.
I love love & any reason to celebrate it!

But I like it in a "bake cupcakes for someone you love and snuggle up" kind of way.
(You know, versus "buy me expensive jewelry and flowers or we're in a big fight".)

I do have a few new love themed gifts in the shop that I'm pretty excited about!
Like these pretty little cupcake flags.

Or brand new DIY Cupcakes for Two!
You just add a couple ingredients and in a few minutes you've got 2 pretty cupcakes..... one for you and one for your honey :) Or one great big cupcakes if you like to share.
(Or if you like to eat great big cupcakes, cause that's how I roll.)

They're all up in the Sugar Mama Bakeshop etsy shop.
Perfect little looooooove gifts......
Whether you're into Valentine's Day or not, everyone loves cupcakes and love.
Am I right?

(ps. I'm in love with these new pictures so I'm sharing them at lifemadelovelymonday & sweetshottuesday)



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