Friday, November 22, 2013

Home is Wherever I'm with You

11.7.13 we bid farewell to our beloved Denver for a new adventure.

Armed with gold fishies, craisins, milk and lots of coffee we set out for two days on the road.

Lily and I in the Pathfinder, Hunter and Milo in the gas-guzzling truck+black beauty combo.

We mourned the sight of the Rocky Mountains in the rear view mirror. 

And experienced beautiful new scenery and new states.)

Lily did some napping in her sunnies and I got to listen to something other than Veggie Tales and Raffi. 

And made it to the Lonestar State!!

Day 2 was a little rougher. Amarillo to Abilene was a little (waaaaay) longer than planned. 

But we did eventually arrive in the city of BBQ, Boots, & Cultural Pursuits.

Our new friends welcomed us with open arms :)

Hunter put together our new Ikea bed (love you babe).

So here we are. Our new adventure awaits!



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