Monday, September 2, 2013

Here's to 28!

I've always loved having a summer birthday for lots of reasons.
But one of my favorites is that it's a great time to re-evaluate goals and priorities near the middle of the year.

I've spent the last week or so reflecting on my 27th year of life and came to the conclusions that I'm not terribly sad to see it go.

As I begin the next year, and continue my process of rediscovery, I'm finding myself crowded by fears, doubts, insecurities and misconceptions.

Some of it I can pray through: prayer for His strength when I'm weak, for His peace when I'm restless, for His wisdom when I'm lost. But at times I've found myself crippled by a personal quest for identity. 

How can I match my dreams + desires  with my reality in a way that inspires forward movement but encourages contentment at the same time?

How will I continue to live a life filled with joy after asking (and receiving) a burden for the lost + lonely, the widows + orphans?

What will I do with my short time on this planet that makes my life worth it?

These questions are literally keeping me up at night and I'm actually thankful for them.
This year has been a year of struggling, yearning, waiting, asking, seeking. A year of painful refinement and necessary growth. 

But it's time to move forward. 
I'm praying this year will be one of great joy + celebration; of thanksgiving, discovery and humility. 

So here's to simplifying, organizing and living with purpose.
Pursuing passion, living fearlessly, and maybe even a tattoo.
Here's to 28!


  1. I just read this post (my birthday is sept 2 too by the way!) and loved it...can relate so much. I asked for The Lord to give me a burden for the least of these...widows, orphans, homeless, victims of the sex industry, etc...and He sure did. I have these huge dreams and I loved the question you posed, "how can I match my dreams and desires with my reality in a way that inspires forward movement but encourages contentment at the same time?" It's a great question I'll be pondering this week...God Bless! ~Crystal~

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  3. Somehow I JUST saw this post. Brookelyn's birthday is Sept 2nd also! (And, my moms is too.) Happy belated (way belated) birthday! I hope this is a fantastic year of new adventures for you!!



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