Sunday, May 5, 2013

iPhone dump

Back at the end of February, Hunter and I finally caved and bought ourselves iPhones... After months of debating/agonizing over how we don't actually neeeed smart phones and/or the extra bill that comes along with them. But 2 months later we're certainly not regretting it. Mostly we're in love with having a camera with us everywhere! Here are some (tons) of my faves since I got this fancy thing.

(playing with water is Lily's #1 favorite past time... doesn't matter how cold it is outside)

(poor baby with a huge bonk on her head)

(oh just hangin' in the "fort") 

(I'll never get enough of watching this girl sleep)

(how come it's not as cute when I stare longing at ice cream like that?)


(this commute is killing me)

(we threw a baby "shower" for some of our favorite friends)

(got to see the unks and celebrate Ty+Beth's engagement!)

(played in the bath)

(watched some George)

(snuck the jelly beans out of the Easter basket when mom wasn't looking)

(decorated Easter cookies)

(grew into the pink polka dot raincoat from Grandma Ree)

(discovered how fun it is to take "peeek-chas"of ourselves)

(washed our "haaaaaaaynes")

(made new friends... brand new friends. Lily+Amelia=BFF)

(celebrated daddy's birthday)

(snuggled with her bestie)

(studied OChem?) 

(played with Gracie, another fave)

(just hung out. ha.)

(went swimming!!! ps this is my new favorite picture of all time)

(all fancied up for a pre-church family coffee date)

(painting & practicing colors: orange=oinch, purple=pupu, green=geeeeee)

(Survived the last (knockonwood) snowstorm of the year. In May. It sucked.)



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