Thursday, March 7, 2013

Printable Muffin Recipe Cards

My little leave of absence is turning into an extended leave of absence. 
It all started with giving up social media for lent... But it was so nice to unplug!
I've only blogged a handful of times in the past month. 
But not to worry, it's not that I'm uninspired. Quite the opposite actually. 
The break is giving me a chance to find original inspiration all around me. 
I've been working on new designs & I've been teaching baking classes & I've been planning baby showers & I've been listening to my baby girl TALK like crazy!  
I wanted to share the recipe cards I designed for a recent baking class I taught. 
It's the recipe for my basic, go-to gluten free & vegan muffins. 
And you can print it out to use forever & ever :)
Here you are. 
My go-to gluten free & vegan muffin recipe. 
Hand drawn + designed by yours truly. 
You can print it any size you wish.

Or maybe you want to print two 4x6 recipe cards
One for you + one for a  friend :) 
I've got ya covered. 

Now go make some fabulous muffins! 
Enjoy :) 



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