Tuesday, January 1, 2013


(Lily with her great-great-grandad & grandpa Brad) 

I decided to skip the list making this year.
What I struggled with most in 2012 was finding balance.
I could never seem to fit it all in, what with the (relatively) new mama role + the brand new full-time working mama role + ya know just... life. 
Anyway, it seems to me like another great big list of TO DOs would only serve to provide more stress + feelings of inadequacy. 
So I've chosen a word of the year instead. 

  • spiritually- more Jesus time, that's all :) I've prayed for a desire & he has answered... Finding/making time for Him is where I've struggled. I think I might just start with Ellen's class on Studying God's Word. I just love her a lot.  
  • mentally- read more books + meal plan. Weird combo? Sure, but it's true. I love love reading & just want to make more time for it, but grocery shopping/cooking seems to steal so much of my down time + mental energy. So planning better ought to free up some space for healthier thought.
  • emotionally- #1 here.... consistent date nights + quality social time. I am a people person to the core & my soul longs for deep + solid community... This probably means saying no to more "organized get-togethers" & being more intentional about consistent time. Amen. 
  • physically- No brainer. I've just got to get a little more active + a lot less hungry for sugar. 

"...when Israel sought for rest, the Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. Again I will build you, and again you shall be built!"
 -Jeremiah 31:3-4


  1. i love the word and the categories you chose for the year. seriously. ive been trying to find the right word or words for what i want out of this year, without making resolutions in a traditional sense. Healthy in every category makes perfect sense. With God all things are possible.. =)
    i really stopped by originally to tell you i love the design you did for Royal Daughter =) its beautiful. Im working on a bit of design myself, although not drawing.. haha.. anyways, you're very talented.. just thought id stop by and tell you. not sure if ive met you or not before... there are so many blogs to keep up on, but either way now i know i have =) have a blessed 2013!



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