Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Felt Scrap Christmas Tree

bow arrow art: felt christmas tree fun

I made a craft!
It's a Christmas miracle!
I haven't had a whole lot of time and/or energy for crafting lately & I've been struggling to get into the whole Christmas spirit. (Don't worry we got a tree... 2 days ago.)
Anyway, this baby took about 20 minutes to put together and I thought it turned out really cute.
I'm not going to try to pretend you need step by step instructions or patterns.
I just started cutting fun shapes from my felt scrap stash, hot glued the tree to a piece of cardboard wrapped in kraft paper & ta-da!
Lil gets to rearrange the ornaments as she wishes.
But mostly she just wishes to rearrange the sparkly ornaments on the real tree.
Still fun :)  
And thanks to the daylight being gone at oh, FOURish, I can't seem to get a decent picture of anything.
So you get this one... with the sock monkey and Milo.
While little miss thang rehydrates.

Bow and Arrow Art: Pretty baby

PS the countdown is ON!
T minus 3.5 days of work until I'm free for a whole week of fam time!
Happy Christmas indeed.



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