Friday, November 9, 2012

Denver Blogger Meetup Recap

Last Friday Kim organized a total kick-butt Denver blogger get-together.
I, for one, had never been to such a thing... never met up with other bloggers at all in fact.
Oh, except for that one time I saw Kim at a local market and totally ran up to her like,
"Hey girl! I love your blog! And oh your shop. It's soooo cute!!" & she was all "um... thanks!?"
Yes, ma'am it was a little on the awkward side.
But I never let a little awkwardness stand in the way of a good time... or meeting a new fun friend. 

Denver Blogger Meetup Loot

And it's a good thing too.
If I hadn't, I may have never known about this sweet meetup!
Check out all that ballin' swag up there.
I can't wait to get my craft on with all of those paper goodies from Katie at Lemon Jitters!

Yellow Heart Art Print

A big giant thank you hug (I wish) to Leonora of Yellow Heart Art.
If you're not in love with her yet, just head on over to her blog & I just know you will be.
She's the absolute sweetest & her art is CUTE.

Anne Franklin Designs- covered match box

I was reminded that the world is smaaaaall folks.
The lovely Anne of Anne Franklin Designs turns out to be friends with lots of my friends.
She also happens to have been at tons of the same markets & shows.
AND she just so happened to be at a good friends house the night Hunter & I accidentally showed up and crashed their book club... because we were headed to a chili cook off & went to the wrong house.
Again with the awkward. I'm serious guys.

Capow Colorado State Print

Love this cool Colorado print from CAPow!
I'm always up for finding new fun shops & I'm ALWAYS up for free amazing stuff from new shops ;)
You're awesome Crystal!

Snowdrift Designs Cup Cozy & Coaster

Last but not least... (actually I saved my fave for last.)
How darling is this cup cozy & coaster hand-knitted by Kirtley of Snowdrift Designs.
Or crocheted? I really wish I knew.
It's hand-made & it's mustard and it makes me really happy & cozy when I'm sipping my coffee.
Good enough for me!
PS these girls are really rad & I'm so glad I got to meet them all!
{Allie, Lizzie, Meghan, Liz, Rebecca,AnneKeely,Katie, Erin, Elaine, Anne}

(I'm linking up with Erika & Beth again to share my favorite local ladies.)


  1. What a fun time! I was just reading Kim's recap of it too :) Looks like a steallar line up of bloggers for sure and awesome swag! I have had my eye on CAPow! prints of CO for a while now!
    ...and now I'm seriously missing CO with its crisp air and cloudless skies in November!

  2. Ooh, how fun! I have never been to a blogger meet up! So glad to have found you through the scarfament swap! I can't wait to read more of your blog, it looks like we have a lot of similar interests! :)

  3. Hate that I missed it! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time.



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