Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Club: I heart Tina (+a Halloween recipe)

So it's Bossypants book report time!
I'm actually aaaaaaalmost done with it.
Which is how it really probably would be if we were doing real life book club.
I don't do real well with deadlines.
Luckily this is a grace-based club, mmkay?
(You can see what Alyssa thought about it over on her blog too.)

Honestly though, I LOVE this book!
Actually, I might have a little crush on Tina Fey.
She's so funny and real, but I already knew that.
My favorite part is the message that she had to share.
This book is such an inspiration and motivation for women!
Tina is a strong woman. She loves her work and she works hard. She loves her family and she makes them a priority. She is beautiful, humble, transparent, fiery and stinkin' hilarious.
It's super fun and empowering :)
(Also I think the comments on the the back cover of the book were my favorite part.)

If book club were at my house I imagine we'd spend about 3 minutes on that discussion.
Then we would eat. Duh.
I would make my favorite new recipe: Peanut Butter Popcorn Fudge. And coffee.
Nikki already perfected it so I'm just going to let you click on over and get the recipe from her.
Also, Nikki, you're invited to book club so you can be there when everyone raves about your amazing recipe :)

Peanut Butter Popcorn Fudge

Well, thanks for coming!
If by some chance you stopped by for the fun and fudge but haven't read the book yet, I do highly recommend it.
Especially if you're a woman and you're ever needing an extra boost of confidence and you don't mind a friendly F-bomb now and then.


  1. Yay! You made the fudge! I'm so excited! And I love Tina, too. My husband and I listened to that book in the car when driving across Pennsylvania, so the parts about driving along I-80 were twice as funny to me at the time.

  2. Your fudge looks amazing!!! I read bossy pants and then passed it along to my friend. The back cover of my paperback said something about Anthony Kedis stroking Tina's face with a Wheat Thin and I knew it was going to be my next read! My favorite story in the book is definitely the one where her dad takes her to the automotive store! Love your new site, Ash! It's so clean and fresh! xoxo

    1. Ha ha! It's so true. That story was amazing!! I also loved her chapter about roadtripping for Christmas because we have to drive all the way across Kansas sometimes and it's exactly like that :)

  3. i love tina fey.

    and i read this book on the train on a getaway with my husband and laughed out loud the.entire.time.

    I'm sure people thought i was nuts.



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