Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh it was a sad, sad day.

I didn't even realize it until this evening, but Hunter reminded me that last June 14th was Lily's due date.
We got to reminiscing and I just had to laugh.
Mostly because my sense of perspective is so terrible :)
365 days ago I was a sad, pitiful, great big lady.


My midwives warned me. 
First time moms don't typically deliver on their due date. 
My mom never had her babies on time. 
The girl hadn't even dropped yet.
There was honestly no reason to believe she was coming any time soon. 
But, oh I WANTED her to. 

 (We didn't have ac so the fan just followed me around everywhere. haha!)

Patience is not a quality I would use to describe myself. 
When I get my heart set on something I make it happen & I don't like it when things slow me down!
Unfortunately pregnancy doesn't exactly work that way.
Don't get me wrong, I did everything I could think of.
I drank gallons of raspberry leaf tea & ate super spicy foods... and ended up with killer heartburn and 30 trips to the bathroom.
I walked and walked and walked... and walked.


But nothing.
So I cried.
And drowned my sorrows in banana split cupcakes.
Seriously though, I ran a special so that I could keep myself busy and take my mind off the fact that I still had no babe :)
For TWELVE more days!


Luckily, you know how the story ends. 
I survived the wait and she made it!
In less than 2 weeks I'll be posting a sob story about my baby being ONE!
Bear with me if I'm an emotional roller coaster :) 


  1. aw how cute! i love these photos

    1. Thanks :) It was so fun looking back through them!

  2. ha! sounds a lot like how I was with Hayden. They finally induced my at 10 days past because they were concerned about her stress tests {she ended up having the cord around her neck when she was born - yikes!} so I totally get this. Hayden's due date {Jan 14} was the Friday of my first week of my last semester of college so I had been hoping she'd come during break. Yeahhhh, thank goodness I knew both my professors at that point so they were cool with me missing 2 weeks of class!

    P.S. you make a super cute preggo mama :)

    1. You're too sweet! Wouldn't it be nice if they just came when they were supposed to?! ;)

  3. you are the cutest 42 week pregnant lady ever!

    1. hahaha Thanks :) I pray I never have to be 42 weeks pregnant again though!!



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