Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Sweet It Is {Jacky @ The Sweetest Petunia}

I LOVE blog swaps.
They are seriously so so great!
This month I did The Valentine Swap, made another sweet friend AND got more presents :)


Jacky, from The Sweetest Petunia, is the sweetest.
I'm so glad I was paired with her!
Check out how cute her shop is: Petunia Blooms.
SO CUTE right?!
Make sure you come back tomorrow... She might just have something for you in the big giveaway ;)
Anyway, here is what Jacky sent me:


Thank you again Jacky :)
I love it all!

And now for Jacky's love story.
She also agreed to be part of the How Sweet It Is series so enjoy :)

I always have a hard time deciding what our "love story" actually is. H & I have know each other since we were kids, so sometimes it seems like we've always been together. ;)

There are things I do remember clearly. I remember the first time he told me I had beautiful eyes. I remember the 16 page, hand-written letter he sent me once when I was away. I remember how adorably shy he was when he was younger (now he's one of the most outgoing people I know!). I remember how I didn't like him at all, didn't want to be his friend, the year I was 15. And I remember how he never gave up on me...I think that's what I fell in love with.

We've been officially together since January 6th, 2007 - 5 years now! We've been married for about 4 months, and I must say, it's the best. :) You can read about the day we got engaged & our wedding day on my blog!

((after just a couple months being official. 2007))

One of my favorite dessert recipes has to be these dark chocolate espresso cookies - so yummy!

I can't wait to make these cookies gluten free & vegan. I will share them SOON. Yum! -Ashley


  1. Congratulations on 5 years! I love hearing everyone's stories!

  2. beautiful couple! love is a wonderful and lovely thing.

    happy valentines day!

  3. That coffee sleeve is cuuute! And such a sweet love story :)

  4. Thanks for sharing our love story, Ashley! So glad you liked your swap package. ;) Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. So cute!! I love that Ashley shared her love story too. Happy Valentine's Day friend.

  6. she IS the cutest, isn't she??? great gifts!!!

    thanks for participating in the swap! we loved having you!!


  7. Congratulations Ashley in the marriage! Love is a beautiful thing and I am happy you have found it! Cute couple. My husband and I have been together for 7 years and married for 4.5! Thanks for sharing your story! Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Sorry! I meant Jacky!

    1. No worries. They are a super cute couple :) Congrats to you on 4.5 years!! My husband and I have been married 3.5. Isn't love wonderful? :) I hope you'll be able to enter the giveaway and maybe win some of Jacky's sweet blooms :) http://www.sugarmamabakeshop.com/2012/02/giveaway.html



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