Sunday, January 5, 2014

January: Printable Calendar (It's not too late!!)

(Print it for yourself! Download + print with the "borderless" option so it fits on an 8.5x11.)

We are five whole days into this new year and already I'm being humbled by the task I've set myself. Living more intentionally is going to be such a process but so rewarding!
Plus, the reality remains that regardless of your intentions... or your great planning, organization and purposeful steps; sometimes things just don't go how we thought they would/should.
For instance.
I made this fabulous printable calendar that I was really really pumped about sharing.
It represents intentional living for me because I can visually see the goals and deadlines I'm writing on it.

 I can plan my families meals and record my workouts on it.
Also, it looks super cute hanging on the fridge.
Anyway, I went ahead and left my computer charger in Missouri when we were there for Christmas and spent a week unable to finish up and post my lovely creation.
So here we are, January 6, and I'm sharing with you a beautiful, fresh, fun way to jump in and get organized!
This one's for those of us who really want to change but struggled to get started.
Or maybe you've been sick and your New Year New You couldn't start on January 1.
Possibly, you just feel overwhelmed. Still. The holidays are over and everyone is screaming from the rooftops about the new goals and how fresh and fabulous they're feeling... but you? You're just staring at that dead Christmas tree and the mountain of laundry and you don't know how to get started.
I get that and I'm here to say, it's not too late!

Download and print this baby and start today.
Write one tiny goal and tape it to your bathroom mirror.
Or write in all of the January birthdays of loved ones so you can remember to call or send a card. Plan out the next week of dinners so cooking is a little less overwhelming.
And next month?
Well, I plan to have the February calendar available a few days before the 1st so we can all plan a little better.

 Enjoy the printable and good luck with your goals and intentions!
 If you end up using it I would love to know how!!

 Share on instagram or twitter and use the hashtag #beintentional 

 Happy Monday :)



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