Friday, January 31, 2014

January Goals Wrap Up

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One month of intentional living down... 11 to go! 
I'm kidding. Here's hoping some of these good habits stick. :) 
Month 1: Eating Intentionally was really great. 
Also hard and I'm tired of tracking my every bite, but such a good way to get back to fueling my body with the good stuff! 
So here's how I ended up. 

  • 8-8oz glasses of water each day 
    • Honestly, I think I did really well with this one! Being mindful + aware helped so much and I feel a TON better just by getting more water. #winning 
  • A green smoothie each day
    • I missed a day or two but stuck to this one too... Actually not that hard because I think they're delicious! 
    • 1 c almond milk + 1 c frozen strawberries + 1 c spinach + vanilla protein = YUM
  • Switch to half decaf coffee
    • Straight up failed. My fabulous in-laws gave me a Keurig for Christmas (!!!) which came with a sampler pack of amazing coffees... that are NOT half-caf. I honestly made pretty much no attempt and I'm not even sorry.  

  • Detox tea in the evening instead of snacking
    • Holla! I love detox tea and it's an awesome way to wind down. Confession: occasionally it was more like detox tea AND a snack. But not always, I swear!

  • Meal plan all dinners
    • Boom! As a matter of  fact I filled the freezer with 2 weeks of dinners so I barely even had to cook for 2 weeks. Will most definitely be doing that again!
I'm really happy with how it went this month. 
Did I still occasionally binge on mint chocolate chip ice or Domino's gluten free pizza? yeah... oops. 
Did I lose 40 pounds and become a supermodel? Nope. 
BUT the whole point was to be intentional about what I ate and to fuel my body with healthy, wholesome foods, and I certainly did a much better job than I had been lately. 
So hooray! High 5!

How did you do with your goals? Do you blog about them? 
Leave a link in the comments, I'd love to read about yours.  
Also, do you ever do healthy freezer meals? 
I'm super interested in keeping this up and I would love your tips + recipes!


  1. I'm working on a goals post right now. Love this. You did great. The coffee thing.. yeah, I have been trying to do that forever and it's SO hard. But, I've been allowing myself 1 cup coffee in the am and then making myself drink decaf tea in the afternoon or pm. That has been helping a lot. It's always great when you actually start feeling better! Nice job!



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