Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

For the first time in too long I was able to slooooow down this advent season. Cut down on excess and distractions and truly soak it up at a 2-year-old's pace.

What a blessing. 

Christmas tree shopping for our tiny little apartment tree!

Picking on poor Milo. 

Enjoyed the annual viewing of THE Home Alone movies. Art by Bow+Arrow Art ;)

Stayed a little chillier than we expected to in our new Texas dwelling.

And we baked/ decorated fabulous cookies!! I turned right into the big mushy  basket case I am when I made cookies with this beauty. It's such a joy to experience the little things with a 2 year old... And by little things I'm talking about chugging frosting and taking sprinkle shooters of course. ;)

We had friends over for hot chocolate, games, and s'mores.

Went to the Abilene Christmas parade.

Braved treacherous highways to be with fam.

...and forgot to take hardly any pictures once we got there and got snowed in. Oops.

Gigi and Paca's little Chiefs princess. 

Christmas jams.

Made MORE cookies and played with the tiny new puppy Sansa at Aunt Lisa's.

Had our own Christmas morning a few days late.

Which, unfortunately, wasn't captured due to an awful stomach bug. Take my word for it, the cash register ("my puter") was a huge hit!

Finally, Mor Mor, PaPa and Auntie Hayley came to Texas for another round which included a new hat and a baby doll. :)

We actually sent out a Christmas card this year! 


Husband of the year replaced my damaged copy of 98 Degrees Christmas!!

Such a lovely way to celebrate the season and sed out 2013. I'm feeling so so thankful and loved!

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