Thursday, January 3, 2013

Together in the Kitchen: Healthy Inspiration

Welcome back to Together in the Kitchen — our twice monthly encouragement for you to spend quality time in the kitchen making, creating & baking with someone other than yourself! With Christmas over and the New Year finally here, we're focusing this month on healthy recipes!!

We're attempting to cut waaaaaaaay back on our sugar intake around here.
Good for our health & waistlines, no doubt.
But what about my baking addiction?
So we've been together in the kitchen grilling tofu & steaming quinoa.
How about a little healthy baking inspiration instead?

                                                                           Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I've been doing some experimenting with almond flour...
which is pricey, but fabulous!
High in protein + fiber.
Barely any carbs :)
Most of her recipes are sugar free too so it's a win win really.

                                                                        Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Coconut flour pancakes!
That's all. I'm just really pumped about healthy pancakes.

                                                                        Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I've actually made this granola before... just never documented it. 
It's super quick + easy + healthy + yum! 

Have any must-make healthy recipes to share? 
I would be forever grateful!! 

Try Aimee's delicious recipe with shrimp+bacon+tons of veggies! --->> HERE

Amy is on a little holiday vacation. But you can find her HERE

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