Monday, January 21, 2013


That's what I am right now.
You know how sometimes you pray & pray for something your heart truly desires, but it never seems to work out & then boom one day it just does?
Yep. That.

Bow Arrow Art: Gracias card
(My newest design that you can find in my shop & the new shop)

You see, I love being part of the hand-made community.
I love love having a little shop full of my own creations.
I love being encouraged by the fabulous women I've met through that shop + this blog.
But I do NOT love navigating the ins + outs of business-running... all alone.
I've never loved it & I've always prayed for a partner to discuss marketing strategies & business plans & just dream of new designs with.

Bow Arrow Art: Banner of Love Mini Valentines
(New Bow+Arrow Valentines!)

And then one day my dear friends, Carina, texts me about an idea she has for opening a print shop.
To which I said "um... excuse me can we just have a print shop together?"
And she replied "yes please!"
So we are :)
I'll still have my original store, but Carina & I will be opening "Bow+Arrow Art: a creative collaboration" TOMORROW on etsy!
Carina already has a fabulous shop full of gorgeous jewelry, scarves, headbands, etc but it turns out she's also a crazy talented artist.

(One of Carina's beauties that will be in the shop)

But wait! There's more! 
Not only are Carina & I opening up a brand new, joint print shop tomorrow... 
We're also having a "featured artist"! 
Our friend Danielle is an uber-talented graphic designer & is in on this party too :) 
So you can also find fabulous prints like this one in the new shop: 

(Created by beautiful Danielle of Take Heart)

Alright then, I think I've gotten you sufficiently excited for a Monday. 
I do hope you'll come back tomorrow for the link to the new shop. 
Clearly I'm looking forward to it ;) 


  1. I want the shop to be open now! Those are so very pretty.

    1. Thank you Nadine!! (The first two are available now btw) but the rest will be oh so soon!! Thanks for being excited with me :)

  2. oh my goodness, that bun in the oven card, is so so cute!



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