Monday, January 21, 2013


That's what I am right now.
You know how sometimes you pray & pray for something your heart truly desires, but it never seems to work out & then boom one day it just does?
Yep. That.

Bow Arrow Art: Gracias card
(My newest design that you can find in my shop & the new shop)

You see, I love being part of the hand-made community.
I love love having a little shop full of my own creations.
I love being encouraged by the fabulous women I've met through that shop + this blog.
But I do NOT love navigating the ins + outs of business-running... all alone.
I've never loved it & I've always prayed for a partner to discuss marketing strategies & business plans & just dream of new designs with.

Bow Arrow Art: Banner of Love Mini Valentines
(New Bow+Arrow Valentines!)

And then one day my dear friends, Carina, texts me about an idea she has for opening a print shop.
To which I said "um... excuse me can we just have a print shop together?"
And she replied "yes please!"
So we are :)
I'll still have my original store, but Carina & I will be opening "Bow+Arrow Art: a creative collaboration" TOMORROW on etsy!
Carina already has a fabulous shop full of gorgeous jewelry, scarves, headbands, etc but it turns out she's also a crazy talented artist.

(One of Carina's beauties that will be in the shop)

But wait! There's more! 
Not only are Carina & I opening up a brand new, joint print shop tomorrow... 
We're also having a "featured artist"! 
Our friend Danielle is an uber-talented graphic designer & is in on this party too :) 
So you can also find fabulous prints like this one in the new shop: 

(Created by beautiful Danielle of Take Heart)

Alright then, I think I've gotten you sufficiently excited for a Monday. 
I do hope you'll come back tomorrow for the link to the new shop. 
Clearly I'm looking forward to it ;) 



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