Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am overflowing with thanks today.
I wanted to link up with my bud, Carina for Thankful Thursday this week, mostly because I'm feeling sappy and sentimental and overwhelmingly grateful!
Spilling my heart about the fear and anxieties that have been on my heart and then praying and praying and letting go of their control on my life... has been wonderful!
I feel so free and at peace.

I broke, actually totally destroyed my poor little phone on Saturday.
As a result I've been without for almost a week now.
It has actually been really nice!
Being without a phone slowed me down quite a bit.
The past two days I've just hung out with Lily and really soaked it up 100% without distractions.
I am totally in love with the phase she's in right now.


Walking & communicating (can't really call it talking yet but she makes herself understood ;)
We've got the sleep thing pretty down and she's just a really fun girl.
Her personality is bursting through and she gives "smoochies" and points to her belly button when you ask her so that is DARLING.
Also, she went down the slide today. ALL alone!

It was so hard to step back and let her but she was determined and the way her face beamed with pride and excitement afterward made it so worth it.
What a joy!

I'm also feeling so blessed by the readers of this little ol' blog.
I've been sharing some more personal things lately and posting in a way that will not probably gain me tons of new readers but will (hopefully) really speak to and inspire a few of you.
I'm thankful for the responses I've gotten.
And for the encouragement I've received about selling some of my prints and cards.
I'm trying really hard not to dive in head first and overextend myself this time.
But I am having an amazing time creating some pretties to put in a new shop.
(Way more details early next month.)
These are a few of my designs that will be in the new shop!


  1. Girl, I think posts like this are the posts that most readers WANT to see. I know that I love posts that are personal and where we're seeing your heart right there on the page. Yay for down time with your sweet girl. That's precious and so important. I know all too well how distracted we all can get with our phones. Lately I've made a more conscious effort to put mine down and hang with the kids too. It feels good, ha? Your prints are AMAZING!!! I'm already in love and thinking of what custom one I need from you. ;) Good luck. xoxo

  2. love that first image, the verse + the arrows = adore! & honestly, sometimes I feel the need to lock up my phone so it doesn't distract me.



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