Friday, June 22, 2012

Fiesta Friday: 1st Birthday Inspiration

When I was a freshman in college, I joined a sorority (Sigma Sigma Sigma).
It was a super fun experience and I met some really awesome girls.
One of those awesome girls was Angela.
She was always so sweet and fun but a when she graduated we lost touch, unfortunately.
Thankfully today's technology refuses to let us lose contact with each other completely :)
Last spring I happened to see a picture of pregnant Angela in my facebook feed.
So I did a little friendly stalking and found out she was due exactly one week before me!
I sent her a message and we started keeping up with each other's pregnancies...
And then we watched each others' daughters grow from teeny babes to BIG GIRLS!
Lucky Angela got to have her sweet Hailey right around due date time while Lil hung on a couple extra WEEKS :)
Hailey had her huge birthday bash last week and Angela said I could share the precious pictures for Fiesta Friday!
So without further ado... The most adorable owl themed birthday party you'll ever see :)

haha how awesome is that? I just love chubby baby legs!

Amazing invites created by "Mother Owl" herself :)

Sweetest setup complete with one year picture timeline, handmade name banner and real branches. You better believe I'm stealing some of these ideas at Lil's party next week! 

Now for my favorite part. The gorgeous cake!!! 

A sweet family shot while the birthday girl digs in. PS I LOVE the ribbon high chair make over.

And of course, no first birthday is complete without a sugar coma baby in a mama-made birthday hat!

Every single details is absolutely darling and makes me so excited for Lily's party in a week!! 
Thanks for letting me share, Angela :) 

Do you have an awesome party you want me to feature? I would love to share it on Fiesta Friday. Email me: 


  1. Where did you get the owl bloomers made? I would love a similar pair for my daughters first birthday!

    1. Actually this is my friend, Angela's party! She blogs at and I'm sure she would be happy to tell you!



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