Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30 Meal Plan

Today I was going to post my recipe for healthy breakfast oatmeal bars... but as you know I'm camera-less and even my borrowed camera has a dead battery. BUM-MER.  So instead I'm meal planning again! This week I'm going to try double the quinoa, risotto and pizza recipes and freeze half for easy dinners next week. Wish me luck!


Oatmeal bars for everyone!


Leftovers or pb&j.


Monday: Black bean burgers w/ sweet potato fries. (We didn't have these last Friday so I'm carrying them over to this week.)

Tuesday: Quinoa salad

Wednesday:Pizza night (Bob's Red Mill has a majorly awesome gluten free pizza crust mix. Sometimes I make it without the sauce and it's a fabulous flat bread too! To make it vegan just add 1 TB flax+3TB warm water for the egg.)

Thursday: Orange Tofu w/ rice (This is a new recipe so I don't want to share it until we test it out. The recipe is orange chicken but I'm subbing breaded tofu.)

Friday: Risotto w/ asparagus & mushrooms.

Saturday: Eat Out! Saturdays are my busiest days so I give myself the night off :)

Sunday:  Tacos


  1. How do you get your hubby to eat the Quinoa?!! My hubby like meat and potatoes! I love all of the other things in life like Quinoa and Risotto!! LOL!

    1. haha he is pretty easy luckily :) He HATES to cook so he'll eat almost anything I give him ;)



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