Monday, April 23, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Last Friday my friend Carina hosted a meal plan party.
It inspired me to get back on the meal plan wagon :) Thanks Carina!
Meal planning really is SO helpful.
We always eat way healthier (and save money) when I plan... but it seems like it only happens every other paycheck... and then I go back to wandering Target hungry and coming home from grocery shopping with chips, oatmeal and coffee.
Yep. We eat out a lot those weeks.
Anyway, here's what we're eating this week!

PS- This girl is an eating machine lately. I mean check out that focus!
First of all no, we don't do variety for breakfast around here. In fact we eat the exact same thing every morning around here. We know what we like and we DON'T like to wake up early to cook breakfast :)  

Hunter: breakfast burritos (There is nothing gf or vegan about these so I have no recipe to share. What can I say? The man loves his eggs, cheese & wheat tortillas... and I love that I can make a huge batch of these and he has breakfast in 2 minutes for 2 weeks. I've been thinking about making some gluten free tortillas and making myself some breakfast wraps with veggies and rice cheese... but I haven't yet)

Ash: Healthy Morning Muffins (These are a new recipe that I am ALMOST ready to share. They just need one more test round! They are agave sweetened and packed with fiber, fruit and veggies :) I've been having them with my coffee for a week now and I'm in love. One really fills me up too!)

Lily: Oatmeal bars (I'm buying these right now but I decided this morning that I'm going to create my own... I'll let you know how that works out.)

First of all no, we don't do variety for breakfast around here. In fact we eat the exact same thing every morning around here. We know what we like and we DON'T like to wake up early to cook breakfast :) 

Monday: Pesto Risotto (My variation is with homemade veggie broth and no parmesan cheese. YUM!)

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Tuesday: Tacos (Taco night is always our favorite night! Hunter loves taco "meat" which is just taco seasoning and tvp (texturized veggie protein. Seriously the cheapest stuff ever, full of protein and has a really similar texture to ground beef... so similar that I don't really love it, but I do love beans, grilled veggies and guacamole!)

Wednesday: Mediterranean Quinoa salad (Wednesdays are crazy for us. Hunter has to come home after work, pick up his guitar and head straight back out for band practice, so I try to make something he can eat in the car on the way. I don't even think this counts as a recipe because it's so simple but he really loves it (and so does Lil)! I mix cooked quinoa with hummus, balsamic vinaigrette, and whatever veggies sound good. It's awesome with fresh spinach, tomatoes & artichoke heart.)

Thursday: Stir fry (Peppers & onions, tofu and brown rice!)

Friday: Black bean burgers and sweet potato fries (I'm still working on a recipe that I absolutely love but in the meantime this one isn't bad.)

Saturday: Eat Out! Saturdays are my busiest days so I give myself the night off :)

Sunday:  Mac & "Cheese" (I just LOVE this mac & "cheese"!!! It's gluten free & vegan and even Hunter loves it. Seriously try it! )

Our lunches are almost always just leftovers.
Fancy. I know.
So there you have it! Next week I'm hoping to do more freezer meals that I can make ahead.
Any good suggestions?


  1. Now you have inspired me to get on that wagon too! It makes life easier!

    1. It totally does! Good luck :) Let me know if you blog about it so I can check out some new recipe ideas!

  2. Yum! I made veggie taco salad today and it was delicious! Thanks for the idea. I want to start a meal plan party too :)



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