Friday, March 16, 2012

Fiesta Friday {go green}

I inherited my love of celebrations from my mama.
We don't have even the tiniest bit of Irish in us,
but growing up she would always do something for St. Patrick's Day :)
Not your typical corned beef and cabbage though.
(We would have thrown fits and made pb&j if she tried to feed us that.)
No, I specifically remember one year she outdid herself with the green food coloring...
We had green beans, green mashed potatoes, and green MILK?!
Hahaha! It was pretty sick. But so fun!
This year I don't have a whole lot of green goodness planned.
If I were going to throw an Irish party tomorrow, however,
this is what it might look like...
There would (obviously) be a big fat rainbow layer cake.

I guess I would probably have to wallpaper my living room with yellow polka dots.

Yep. Rainbow cupcakes too... in case there wasn't enough cake for you.

Aaaaaaaand cake pops.
I guess this party is just turning into one big excuse to have cake.
Story of my life...

Oh and Milo can invite his pug friends.
IF they come in costume :)
I'm sorry for this post guys.
I'm in a weird mood.
But I do love cake, and rainbows, and green mashed potatoes, and pugs, so...
Maybe it's not a mood.
Maybe I'm just weird?
Either way...
Happy St. Patty's & Happy Friday!


  1. Hahah this is a really cute post! "I guess I would probably have to wallpaper my living room with yellow polka dots." cracked me up!!

    1. ha! That's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that picture... the polka dots are actually my favorite part :)

  2. I want to come to your party! I love your posts!! Don't feel weird :)

    1. You're invited! I'll send you a magical lucky Irish green invite!! Ok maybe just goofy ;)

  3. OMG, those pugs crack me up! and yummy cakes

  4. SO fun!! Love all the different kinds of cake. ;)

  5. I've been admiring that cake...(or one of the 50,000 just like it) on pinterest for weeks now & I still am not motivated enought to make it. But it sure is PRETTY!

    1. haha I did one once before I blogged so I have NO pictures :( It took but it was super fun!

  6. Have you made a Rainbow Cake? I keep seeing these and want to make one so bad. I guess Easter will be a great time to try.

    Fun photos!


    1. Thanks Pat :) I did make one but it was awhile ago before I blogged so I have no pictures! It was really fun. It wold be perfect for Easter!

  7. What a lovely post that made me smile! LOVE the rainbow cake and all the great photos...=)

  8. I think you and I would get along really well in "real life" :) LOVE these ideas... especially the cupcakes... {I pretty much make cupcakes for any occasion I can get away with it!}

    1. I'm SURE we would!!! I'm known to make cupcakes for anything & everything as well... It's one of the reasons I had to start a business... So my husband and I wouldn't eat millions of cupcakes ;)

  9. Mentioned how much I have enjoyed getting to know you via your blog today on my blog. :)
    ( if you get a sec.)



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