Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Well, Fiesta Friday didn't happen yesterday.
I was busy making 75 cake pops.
And going on my first date (longer than an hour and a half) in 7 months!
So I thought today instead of a party inspiration, I would just share some of my recent faves from my pin boards :)
I just think this cake is precious.
I love every single thing about it.
Vegan Hostess is a really cool new site that a friend here in Denver just started up.
She has beautiful party ideas & great vegan entertaining resources!

LOVE this bowtie baby shower!
A sweet list of 10 things to stay in love in your marriage :)

Wonderful circus birthday!!
I'm really wanting to teach Lily some basic sign language.
Does anyone have experience?

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

What's inspiring you this weekend?


  1. lovely post, these deserts are beautiful

  2. LOVE the quote and the rainbow cake - the quote is very appropriate for me right now and it made my Sunday (here in oz). So thanks sugar mama!x

  3. Such pretty things! That cake is great. A friend of mine just made one a couple of weeks ago & it was beautiful. Thanks for sharing some happy, pretty things today! xoxo

  4. I have signed with all my kiddos, it has opened up a world for my kiddos AND me! Imagine a toddler with not quite the vocab yet able to TELL YOU what they want! It's brilliant! I learned a bulk of my signs watching the Signing Time Series right along with my eldest. Now, when there is a word we want to know, we google it. We all have at least 100 signs, and more importantly, i use all the sign with my little man now, and he can let me know what he needs! Not to mention, you will be amazed at some of things they know, but had they no signs, you would never know! To get started, learn your basics then repeat, repeat, repeat as you talk with you daughter.



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